"What is Enough?" Making Space for What Matters"

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Thu, May 30, 2024, 4:00 PM PDT – Sun, Jun 2, 2024, 1:00 PM PDT
Samish Island Campground and Retreat Center, 11633 Scott Road, Bow, Washington, USA Map
"What is Enough?" Making Space for What Matters"

What Is Enough? Making Space for What Matters.

Samish Island Washington, May 30 - June 2

3 night package - $340pp.

2 night package - $260pp.

Packages include accommodations, meals and snacks.

Day only with 2 meals - $60pp

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What is Enough?

“Consider the lilies of the field—they toil not, neither do they spin.”

Some of us worry if we’ll have “enough” money for retirement. Some wonder if our neighbors have enough food. Others wonder if they’re doing enough to help our troubled world. What is enough, anyway?

Join us as together we look at “enoughness” in terms of material goods, our spiritual selves, through a wider social justice lens and the climate and environment—and more.

We invite you to journey with us as we learn how to live more simply so that others may simply live.

Brought to you by Creating Connection.  

Two - and three-day packages are available.

Our 3-night package begins on Thursday at 4pm. Relax, Exhale, Converse and Contemplate. Spend time in Nature at your own pace. Unwind, slowdown and begin to focus on how the planet impacts us and how we impact our planet. Guided practices in nature and conversation will be provided on Friday, choose your participation level.

Our 2-night package begins on Friday at 4pm. Settle in to the peaceful environment of Samish Island. Friday night we'll jump right into engaging conversation as well as time to get to know the other participants. Saturday we'll explore several creative expressions of What is Enough and have a little fun along the way with time to socialize and create deeper connections with others. 

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Join us for a weekend of contemplation in nature and nurturing justice in community.


Thursday, May 30

4:00    Arrive, unpack.

5:00    Explore, socialize.

6:00    Dinner & cleanup.

7:00    Introduction to What Is Enough?                                                                                Jeri Mortimore

7:30    What Nurtures Your Spirit? A Spiritual Practice.                                                         Laurie Gordon

8:30    Time to socialize

Friday, May 31

7:00    Mindful Movement and Meditation: One Breath is Enough.                                  Vickie MacArthur

8:30    Breakfast & clean-up.

9:30    What Is Enough? Conversations about the Journey.                                                  Jeri Mortimore

12:00  Lunch, clean-up, socialize.

2:00    Making Space for What Matters: Simple Wisdom, Earth Wisdom.                              Laurie Gordon

3:30    Time for wandering, journaling, socializing.

6:00    Dinner (newcomers get introduction & handouts from earlier sessions).                    Jeri & Laurie

7:30    What is Enough and Global Injustice.                                           Isabelle Hachette & Erica Phelps

9:00    Socializing, Wandering, Journaling.

Yoga Nidra at CFC.                                                                                                      Vickie MacArthur

Saturday, June 1

7:00    Gentle awakening or early morning Forest Bathing.                                                  Laurie Sharpe

8:30    Breakfast & clean-up.

9:30    What is Enough and Climate Change.                                                                  Susi & Dean Wight         

12:00  Lunch, cleanup, socialize.

1:30    You Are Enough: The Power of Rest in a Restless World.                                    Vickie MacArthur

3:00    Break.

3:15    What Is Enough and Systemic Racism.                                                                   Denice Rochelle

4:30    Break and personal time to reflect, journal, or socialize.

6:00    Dinner & cleanup.

7:30    Evening of Creativity, Singing and Joy.                                           Erica Phelps & Nan Sargeant

Sunday, June 2

8:30    Breakfast & cleanup.

9:30    The Deep Peace of Enough - Forest Bathing                                                                Laurie Sharpe

10:30  We Are Enough: Listening for The One Thing.                                 Nan Sargeant & Laurie Gordon           

12:00  Pack, Final Cleanup and Depart.



Session Descriptions

Vickie MacArthur

You Are Enough: The Power of Rest in a Restless World

 In a world that is constantly speeding up, consuming everyone and everything, taking time for true rest and reflection is a radical act of resistance against a system that is pushing us to the brink of exhaustion, addiction, and destruction. This experiential session explores the true cost of long-term stress, trauma, and burn-out on both individuals and society, then provides practices to help ground, resource, and protect our health and well-being. Discover how a simpler restful lifestyle can give us all the inner resources, clarity of mind, and courage to act from a more balanced and integrated place. 

Laurie Gordon

Simple Wisdom, Earth Wisdom: Making Space for What Matters

This session will bring stories from the spiritual tradition to illuminate the wisdom of "voluntary simplicity” — not as an ascetic practice but as a gateway to joy AND for effecting transformative social change. Practitioners of simpler lifestyles who turn their deeply held values into lived actions that promote the flourishing of life for all have this in common: an intuitive awareness of the interconnectedness, interdependence, and profound Interbeing among all Earth’s children. As we seek Earth’s wisdom for addressing the question “What is Enough?” we will invite spiritual practice that notices the interweaving connections among all creaturely beings and finds delight in caring for relationships woven of Spirit.

Meet our Team!

Jeri Mortimore recycled bottles at her California high school on the first Earth Day and has been an environmentalist ever since. Her career in social services drives her deep passion for justice. In retirement, Jeri is writing a novel about the impacts of the oil industry on indigenous people in 1920’s Central and South America…and visiting her wonderful daughters, son-in-law and grandsons in Texas and Montana. She lives in and gardens at a sustainable housing unit in Vancouver, Washington.

Laurie Gordon’s lifelong passion for the natural world is steeped in the conviction that this achingly beautiful, sacred creation is suffused with Divine Presence. A retired research biologist and practicing spiritual director, she weaves decades of ministry in spiritual formation, contemplative practice and the study of Christian mystics with environmental advocacy in these “portentous times” of climate disruption, ecosystem collapse and biodiversity loss. She currently expresses her eco-spirituality as a member of Community of Christ’s Spiritual Formation and Companioning Program leadership team, as well as the grassroots North American Climate Justice Team, sponsored by the Community of Christ Greater Pacific Northwest Mission Center.

Laurie passionately believes that as we awaken the eyes of the heart to the fundamental interconnectedness of all creatures that share our planet – practicing reverence, reciprocity and right relationship with the land, each other and our more-than-human kin – we are being transformed for compassionate action that might, just might, bring into being a more just world.

Nan Sargeant was born in Seattle, surrounded by the lush temperate forests of Western Washington. A favorite childhood memory was the first time she observed how the evergreens changed from firs and cedars on the west side of the mountain passes, to pine and scrub brush on the east; "the Great Divide," as manifested through changes in rainfall. Nature and its cyclical renewal and infinite variety and power to restore, still inspires! She is married to Todd, and has two daughters, Khiva and Evelyn. She teaches first grade and enjoys inspiring her students to stay curious about each other and this amazing planet. She is excited about lifelong learning and the deep friendships that have inspired her to join with others to facilitate this weekend retreat.

What to bring

Bedding or Sleeping Bag and Pillow

Toiletries and Towels

Travel Coffee Cup and Water Bottle

Rain Gear for outdoor activities – optional - check the weather before arriving

Walking shoes or boots for the forest and beach

Slippers for inside the dining hall for comfort if you wish, and so we don't track dirt into our spaces if its raining

Musical instruments if you like to 'jam' in the evening


Bug repellant for the forest activities if needed


For classes:

Comfortable clothing

Yoga mat, and any accessories you use

A personal journal

An open heart and an open mind


Debra Donohue

Creating Connection Director Canada West

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Samish Island Campground and Retreat Center, 11633 Scott Road, Bow, Washington, USA


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